So I Ordered a “New” Camera…

I think I’m going to give a crop sensor camera a go-around and see what happens!

Sony a5000 Camera

I found a Sony a5000 on ebay for around $100 with a low shutter-count, and so I jumped on it. It’s hardly a cutting edge machine, or even a close match for what I’m shooting on now. However, I’ve been looking for something to use as a second shooter and to maybe do a little vlogging with, which will be easier to do with this camera. If there is one thing about the A7 series that I am not a fan of, it’s that the screen doesn’t flip-up for vlogging purposes, and so help me I’m not about to jury rig some setup with clamps and mirrors just so I can vlog with my camera. I feel like getting the A5000 was a good call.

It’ll never replace my A7, but still,I’m excited to play around with a crop-sensor camera. The prospect of turning my 70-300mm into a 107-460mm lens is exciting. Not to mention my 1200mm Frankenstein setup will become over 1800mm…

Should be fun! I’ll be sure to review it and share some pics here.

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