My First Attempt at B-Roll

Well, I’m one step closer to vlogging, and while I don’t have unlimited funds, I also don’t want to push out just any old crap. I feel the best way to prevent that is to practice, practice, practice. In this case I was inspired by some of Peter McKinnon’s videos on the subject, so I wanted to take my first stab at B-Roll — especially 60fps conversion to 24fps in Premiere for smooth slow-motion. I used my Sony a7 and my trusty Soligor 21mm lens as a subject and found some silly royalty free vlog music. Tomorrow my a5000 arrives, so I could also add shots of the a7 recording or vice versa. I can’t wait to try capturing video in the field for future B-Roll. It was actually really fun to do this.


Lens Porn Monday!

(Mostly) every Monday I’ll talk about a lens I own or have used, and post some example shots I have taken with it. This week’s lens: The Minolta Rokkor-x 200mm f/2.8!

Sony A7 with Minolta Rokkor-x 200mm f/2.8 lens.

Sony A7 with Minolta Rokkor-x 200mm f/2.8 lens.

When I got into more serious photography a year ago, my uncle had given me his A7 camera. Along with it he had given me the Sony 50mm f/1.8 lens start with. However, he didn’t want me to just be able to hit AF and get a perfect shot every time. He wanted to ensure that I would have to work for a good photo, so he also gave me his collection of vintage Minolta Rokkor lenses. Being manual focus, these lenses would require me to think differently, and I was eager for the challenge. I would be the MANUAL LENS KING! MOAR BOKEH!!!!

Yeah right, I was absolutely terrified to even touch the friggin’ things… Read More …