Welcome to My New Webzone

Image of me from November 2017

It’s been a long time, but I figured it was time to start work on a personal website again. Please bear with me as it’s pretty barren here, but I will be giving this webspace a lot of attention.

While I have always enjoyed photography, and running around with my cell phone, or point and shoots, in the last year I have become more serious. Last November, I acquired a real camera when I upgraded to a mirrorless Sony A7, and I haven’t looked back. I intend to use this website as a portfolio of my work, and well as a blog where I can talk about topics that interest me (not necessarily photography) and chronicle my progression as a photographer, and most importantly I can ASK QUESTIONS. Currently, I am merely a beginner/hobbyist, but I would like to eventually build my skills sufficiently to become a pro, and maybe make a living off of it and meet some great people.

I’m new to this blogging/wordpress thing and I’d like to make this website as active and interactive as possible, so I’m looking for other people who’d like to post and help bring some activity to this site.

I’m desperate to learn as much as I possibly can, and currently I’ve been following and gaining the most inspiration from Phillip Reeves, DigitalRev TV, Kai W, Peter McKinnon, Lok Cheung, and the Northrups. I seem to get the most out of these photographers, because they’re more than just LOOK AT ALL TEH COOL GEAR, LOL! and actually teach the hows and whys of photography. I highly recommend you check them out.

As for my links, you can find what I consider my best work here in my portfolio but you can also check out my galleries on instagram, Flickr and SmugMug. Please feel free to get in contact and let’s BS about Bokeh.

Catch ya on the flipside!